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Berco of America is the exclusive distributor of BERCO undercarriage parts to the Original Equipment Manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

BERCO S.p.A., founded in Italy in 1920, is the world-leading manufacturer of undercarriage components for earthmoving machinery and is a cornerstone of the German steel giant ThyssenKrupp Technologies group of companies.

BERCO's range of products includes: track chains, with and without shoes, track shoes, rollers, idlers with tension devices, sprockets, sprocket rims, seal groups and track hardware. These products are being supplied to all leading North American Manufacturers who use BERCO undercarriage components for first installation on their machines.

BERCO also manufacturers machines and equipment for the overhauling and repairing of the undercarriage, such as hydraulic portable presses for field maintenance, track presses, torque wrenches and track winders for the assembly of track groups.

Latest News 

10/8 - Thank you for visiting Berco of America Inc. at the MINExpo Show! MINExpo International is the World's largest mining show and 2012 was 40% larger than 2008, with over 850,000 sq. feet of mining equipment, products and services.  We look forward to an even biggerMINExpo 2016!